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T. Ian Zuker has been in public education from over 25 years. He has a degree in history and a masters degree in Educational Leadership. He is currently a middle school principal after spending 17 years as a high school administrator and 5 years in the classroom as a high school history teacher. With a passion for ancient history and fantasy novels, T. Ian Zuker wanted to write a series of book that combined both of his passions. He collaborated with his uncle, B.L. Bowling who is a former military intelligence officer and avid science fiction fan.


The Heir of Atlantis


Sentinels of Atlantis

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Author of Fantasy Fiction, Norse and Greek Mythology

T. Ian Zuker, the author of the Fantasy Fiction series, Norse and Greek Mythology Book Series, has been in public education for over 25 years. He has a degree in history and a master’s degree in Educational Leadership. He is currently a middle school principal after spending 17 years as a high school administrator, five years in the classroom as a high school history teacher, and collaborating with his uncle. The latter is an avid science fiction fan to write the Greek Mythology Fiction Book Series.

The heir of Atlantis by T. Ian Zuker

The heir of Atlantis is a novel by T. Ian Zuker, published in 2019. The first book in a trilogy follows the story of Marine Sergeant Jake Anderson, who must learn to work with his teammates—the Olympians of Atlantis—to save their home from an ancient evil.

Zuker’s writing style is fast-paced and easy to read, making it very difficult to put this book down once you start reading it! He has created an entirely new world that draws you in immediately and keeps you engaged until the very end!

Atlantis, Greek & Norse Mythology Books

Zuker’s books are geared toward people who want to learn more about these ancient cultures’ most iconic figures. They’re both accessible and informative—the perfect blend for anyone who wants to learn more about mythology without slamming through dry or dense textbooks.

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The Atlantis Book Series

There are plenty of options if you’re looking for an Atlantis books. But if you’re looking for Norse Mythology Book Series, you may have trouble finding one. That’s because there aren’t as many books on the topic—but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any!

Atlantis Mythology Book Series

The Atlantis Mythology Book Series is a collection of Books About Atlantis Fiction and its mythical inhabitants. The books are written in the form of a diary kept by one of the original residents of Atlantis, who was trapped by an earthquake and forced to live in a cave for most of her life. She chronicles her experiences with her friends, family, and enemies throughout her life and gives a detailed description of the city itself.

The Best Mythology Books For Kids

Mythology is an important part of understanding the world around us: it provides a framework for understanding our history, culture, and beliefs. The best mythology books for kids are those that help to build a foundation for these concepts.

One of the most important things to remember when choosing mythology books for kids is that you want them to be age-appropriate. So if your child is under five years old, you probably don’t want to start with something like Paradise Lost—but if they’re over ten and reading at an advanced level, they’ll probably enjoy it.

The other thing to remember when selecting Best Book on Norse Mythology is that they should be fun! Kids need to be engaged to retain information effectively; otherwise, they won’t remember what they read and will lose interest in the subject matter quickly.


A Greek and Norse Mythology Book are about the study of mythology to understand the origin of humanity and its institutions. The books include various stories and myths, an analysis of their meaning to human society, and how they have influenced culture.

Greek mythology is the study of stories about the gods and goddesses in Greek culture. These deities often interacted with humans in ways that seemed like they were behaving like people themselves—for instance, Zeus was known for having multiple affairs with mortal women (including Aphrodite). His wife Hera was jealous of these infidelities but never punished him for them because she knew that he had power over her; she could not take revenge against him without hurting herself and him.

Greek and Norse Methodologies are similar!

The two main mythologies are similar in that they both have gods, goddesses, and other legendary figures. However, the myths are also different in some aspects. For example, while Greek mythology has its share of monsters, Norse mythology has fewer monsters but more giants. Another significant difference is that most of the gods in Greek mythology have multiple positive attributes, while most of the gods in Norse mythology have only one positive attribute each.

Norse Mythology is one of the most fundamental parts of the entire Norse culture. This mythology dates back over 1,000 years ago and tells stories about gods, goddesses, giants, and humans. These myths were brought to life using a unique language called Old Norse. The language has been around for over 2,000 years and still influences modern languages like English and German today.

Learning ancient languages can be challenging because they are not taught in schools anymore. However, some great resources can help you learn this language on your own time. One of these great resources is a book called “The heir of Atlantis” by T. Ian Zuker, which contains all kinds of information about Norse Mythology Stories Book, including how old each god or goddess is and their background story.

Books over Videos!

The reason of Books on Atlantis are better than videos is that they allow us to interact with our text in a way that we cannot with other media, such as video or audio recordings. So, for example, if there is something in our text that we don’t understand, then we can go back over it until it makes sense to us; whereas if we were watching a video, then there would be no way for us to go back over things again later on without starting over again from scratch altogether!

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I have given it to friends as gifts. Those who love mythology, Fantasy, and strong characters will enjoy the journey to Atlantis and back. Very credible and for the "techies"--provocative. Left me greatly anticipating the second in the trilogy, hope it will be out very soon. This would make a great movie saga, hope someone in the industry gets the bug to build an Atlantian adventure on the big screen---it would in deed make the great Poseidon proud!
Valarie Z Carr
Zuker and Bowling weave an intriguing story of a modern day Marine and the "mythological" Olympians of Atlantis. It is great Sci Fi in which the details and descriptions are just plausible enough for the reader to be drawn into the action and plot. It takes some great writing to bring two civilizations, modern America and ancient Atlantis, on a collision course for survival. Zuker doesn't let you off the hook at the end of the story, you'll be ready to search for the sequel.