When you get all geared up for an exciting Caribbean cruise, you might discover yourself allured to the folklore of the Bermuda Triangle. The Bermuda Triangle denotes a particular area of the North Atlantic Ocean where it’s alleged that a huge number of ships and aircraft have disappeared into thin air. Whether you’re fascinated by the Bermuda Triangle’s enigmatic facts or the equally notorious Lost City of Atlantis, there are myriad prospects to discover and get profoundly lost in these mythical legends on your next voyage. Many books about Atlantis fiction have presented explicit and thorough details about the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle and Atlantis. Still, one book trilogy that made top highlights in the Sci-Fi fantasy genre is ‘The Heir of Atlantis and its sequence book ‘Sentinels of Atlantis: Adventures from the Lost Continent’ by author Todd Zucker.

Todd’s books on Atlantis have flawlessly depicted a story that follows the adventures of a former marine captain after the incident in the Bermuda Triangle and finds himself amid a lost continent of Atlantis… From there, the readers will get to explore and discern the facts about the Norse and Greek mythologies filled with epic battles and great cataclysms. Join the escapades of a retired Marine Captain, Drake Mallory, as he unravels the truths to one of history’s biggest obscurities…the legend of Atlantis.

When we talk about the ambiguities of the Bermuda Triangle, we will realize that it is even more perplexing than Atlantis. This is because it influences the actual world. Best Norse mythology books have also portrayed authentic concepts about the mysteries behind the Bermuda triangle, but readers still cannot discern what precisely the Bermuda Triangle is. And has any genuine proof ever suggested that it exists?

Over centuries and decades, researchers, scientists, and other concerned investigators have begun noticing an excessively large number of shipwrecks inside the “triangle” of sea bed between present-day Puerto Rico, Florida, and, of course, Bermuda. Primarily, and specifically in the days before current technology, it was alluring to ascribe some mystical source to these events. But this ultimately led everyone to believe that the boats, aircraft, and people had just vanished without a trace. Author Todd Zucker also describes similar incidents in his books on Norse mythology and classic Greek mythology that led a former marine captain stranded on a Lost Island of Atlantis after battling and surviving the horrors of the Bermuda Triangle.

Unravel the Legends & Myths That Lie Beyond the Reef of Bermuda Triangle

Atlantis and the concepts of this lost city first appeared in the narratives of Plato nearly 2,500 years before. The Lost City of Atlantis is a most talked-about topic (but least understood) obscure legends of the sea. Some books say it was less a city and more kind of a continent; as Plato defined it, it was “bigger than Asia Minor and Libya (now Turkey) together.” People who believe in the myths and legends of “the lost city” have simplified the concept by postulating that the great central city (also entitled Atlantis) sat coarsely in the middle of the gigantic, now-sunken continent.

Beyond the differences in scope and size, there’s also an endless debate about how and why it got “lost.” While more fact-based Atlantis fanatics collect information about the apparent vanishing of an entire continent labeled as an underwater and slipped landmass, Plato’s narratives seem to suggest that the wicked acts of the Atlantis inhabitants resulted in great punishment and cataclysm by the great Gods. In addition, some scientists have proposed that ancient climate change and drastic sea-level rise could’ve destined the Atlantians to their watery doom.

Discover Many other Ancient Marine Folklore & Mysteries

Author Todd Zucker’s book trilogy is undoubtedly the best book series to learn Greek mythology, Norse mythology, and mystical facts about Atlantis, which unfolds many untold legends and folklore about the deepest darkest secrets of the sea. These obscurities about the marine life are occasionally termed the “Formosa Triangle” (denoting a previous name for Taiwan), the Devil’s Sea. And this is why many people comprehend the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle of the Pacific. Extending out almost south of Tokyo, past Taiwan and across to the Philippines, and then over into the Northern Mariana Isles, this enigmatic extent of the sea is less conferred than the Bermuda Triangle but is almost as macabre a history.

Another Urban legend of the sea is Lemuria, which you may depict as the Atlantis of the Indian Ocean. Sitting coarsely where current-day Sri Lanka now inhabits, Lemuria has rekindled folklore in a relatable way to Atlantis ever since a zoologist theorized its presence in the mid-19th century. At the same time, some marginal conspiracy philosophers went quite far to state that humanity originated from there. Yet, just like the lost city of Atlantis, there is no authentic evidence that Lemuria existed.