Unravel the Mysteries & Fable Facts of the Lost City of Atlantis

Our world is full of unexplained mystical facts and mysteries. Even after great discoveries and scientific accomplishments, human beings are still ambiguous and trying to decipher the perplexing facts and obscurities about many intriguing things hidden in the deep corners of the world. Excluding the land we live in, what is strange to us lies […]

Dive into the Mystical Journey to Bermuda Triangle & Unravel Sea Mysteries

When you get all geared up for an exciting Caribbean cruise, you might discover yourself allured to the folklore of the Bermuda Triangle. The Bermuda Triangle denotes a particular area of the North Atlantic Ocean where it’s alleged that a huge number of ships and aircraft have disappeared into thin air. Whether you’re fascinated by […]

Delve Deep into the Intricacies of Norse Mythology Origins of Norse Mythology

Norse mythology is the main constituent of old folklore practiced in Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway, and Denmark), branching from paganism and continuing long after Christianity was introduced. Books on Norse mythology include stories and characters from several sources, archaeological evidence, medieval narratives, and folk practices from before and after the end of the pagan era. The […]