Unravel the Mysteries & Fable Facts of the Lost City of Atlantis

Our world is full of unexplained mystical facts and mysteries. Even after great discoveries and scientific accomplishments, human beings are still ambiguous and trying to decipher the perplexing facts and obscurities about many intriguing things hidden in the deep corners of the world.

Excluding the land we live in, what is strange to us lies in the ocean’s darkest depths, which is a hub to many urban legends, myths, and fascinating mysteries many studies have successfully explained the ambiguities of marine life and its natural habitat. But, among all the fable facts, a few need explicit explanations. The ruins of lost cities, deep hidden treasures, and mystic shipwrecks that sank but never sunk are all riveting stories of the alluring marine world. And among all these, the enthralling facts about the lost city of Atlantis hit the top list.

Author Todd Zucker has presented his reader with the best books about Atlantis, which describes the ancient facts and myths about the lost city, allowing readers to learn more about the prehistoric cultures of the most iconic figures. Todd’s two most riveting Greek Mythology fiction book series ‘The Heir of Atlantis and its sequel ‘Sentinels of Atlantis: Adventures from the Lost Continent’. It follows the tale of a former marine captain who woke up from his incident in the Bermuda Triangle when he discovered that he had ended up in the lost continent of Atlantis. Embark on the great escapades with retired Marine Captain Drake Mallory as he discerns the perplexing answer to one of history’s greatest mysteries…the legend of Atlantis. Undoubtedly a page-turner book series.      

The Lost City of Atlantis was first stated by the early Greek philosopher Plato more than 2,300 years before, which is currently recalled as among the world’s greatest and oldest intriguing mysteries. Plato stated that the mystical island kingdom existed roughly 9,000 years before his era and inexplicably vanished one day. Popularly known for being the largest exhibit of all worldly utopias in the world, this ancient city is as perplexing as it is fascinating.

Where is the Lost City Located – The Origins of Atlantis

Among the best books to learn Greek Mythology, Todd Zucker’s intriguing book series about Atlantis unravels the hidden mysteries of this city and its location. The narrations proposed that the lost city lies beyond the rift of the Bermuda Triangle, which is explained in Todd’s trilogy book ‘The Heir of Atlantis’ in which a former marine officer discovers the ancient city after he managed to pass through the Bermuda Triangle. But, it’s also believed that the lost city is gravely sunk into the depths of the sea after a massive tsunami or earthquake.

According to Plato, the city of Atlantis was a huge isle located nearby the Rock of Gibraltar that comprised a temple of the great Greek god Poseidon with concentric canals and walls. Plato also stated the whereabouts of the island that should be anywhere in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. Unfortunately, no scientific discoveries have yet revealed the existence of such a city on the ocean bed. Some speculative theories have proposed that the ruins of Atlantis are sited in the Mediterranean, off the seaboard of Spain. A few people also claimed the ruins could be located under Antarctica.

Was Atlantis Factionary or Real?

Plato was famous for his non-literary works, which were practical and realistic. Therefore, he wrote about Atlantis and its habitants and believed that the facts were genuine. Many people believed that they had a legitimate explanation for this mystical legend, but none of those has been accepted or proved yet. A surveyor once stated that the incident of the gigantic volcanic explosion, which once occurred in the past on the island of Santorini, Greece was strikingly relatable to the speculative theories mentioned about this lost city. He also claimed that he had researched and done copious studies about an ancient civilization residing on that island which was relatively modern and ahead of its time. These speculations relate to the story of Atlantis that Todd Zucker also mentions in his trilogy of Greek and Norse Mythology book series.

Rising of the Lost City of Atlantis

Other than the myths and legends of Atlantis and other speculations, the fact related to a city remains enigmatic. However, among many researchers and historians, the discoveries of researcher Edgar Cayce had something distinct to tell. Edgar Cayce supposed in the surprise rising of the lost city once again just like ‘the sun rises from the sea every day. He anticipated a new island would come into existence off the east coastline of North America. He also claimed that the lost souls of people who once resided in Atlantis were the incarnations of the people living in America to usher in a new age of progressive human perception.